Angela & Kali {A Mommy & Me Story} | Sarasota Family Photographer

One cloudy evening, Angela and Kali set out to have a fun and loving time in the palm fronds. Adorned with flower halos and dresses made for the goddesses they clearly are, this lovely mother and daughter duo held hands and set off to explore together.

As they wandered throughout the surrounding nature, their special bond radiated. Angela and Kali love as wholeheartedly as they play, with both moments that were tender and loving, and moments that were full of giggles and fun! They swung together on a nature vine swing, danced in a field, played in the palm fronds, and cuddled by a river. Then, they had a silly tickling session on a blanket in the grass and picked some yellow wildflowers just as the sun was setting.

The evening ended with some twirling, and was nothing short of magical, much like Angela and Kali themselves.

Mother and daughter holding hands while smiling under palm fronds in Sarasota, Florida during a family photography session
Mother and daughter in dresses holding hands under palm fronds and tree canopies
Mother and daughter in dresses smiling at and holding one another outside
Mother and daughter in dresses twirling and dancing together outside
Mother and daughter in dresses hugging one another next to a river
Mother embracing her daughter with both of their eyes closed
Mother and daughter hugging one another outside
Girl smiling under a palm frond in Sarasota, Florida during a photography session
Mother and daughter in dresses cuddling in front of palm fronds
Mother and daughter hugging and giggling on a blanket in the grass
Mother and daughter being playful on a blanket in the grass
Mother and daughter in dresses hugging and holding hands outside
Girl in a white dress picking flowers and putting them in her hair
Girl with long blonde hair in a white dress twirling and running

I had the honor of photographing Angela and Kali’s story when Kali was a baby – 6 years ago! I absolutely loved catching up again and photographing them this evening. Motherhood is such a special time, and so fleeting! 

Have you ever looked back at your family pictures and come to the realization that you aren’t in very many of them? I know I have, and for me, it was a sad realization. I was there too, in all of those memories in which I am not visible in the photographs. So how will my children know I was there, or be able to look back and see what I looked like when they were kids if I am always the one taking the pictures? So, this coming year, I have every intention of trying to get into the frame with my children. It doesn’t matter if I don’t love the way I look, because when my children look at me, they don’t see my messy hair or mommy belly or tired eyes. When my children look at me, they see love. And I always want them to remember that.

Fellow mom photographer Tamara Barclay is a Toronto Family Photographers who speaks so well to getting into the frame with your children as a mother, as well as documenting the day to day imperfect beauty that is our lives. Her words are inspiring!

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